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Thursday, May 01, 2014

WRFI In Ithaca: Eating So Many Hot Dogs On The Radio

Is WRFI the only place on the radio you will hear Joe Tex at all, never mind followed by "I Ate So Many Hot Dogs" by Cousin Joe (birth name, Pleasant Joseph) of Louisiana? Probably. That was part of the playlist tonight on WRFI's "Felix Show," host Felix Teitelbaum (Thursdays, 9 - 11 p.m.).

WRFI is a new station: 88.1 FM in Ithaca. It is owned and run by the community.

It is a long time coming, a decade of effort finally bringing it. It is a bastion of creativity and a model of autonomy. It presents great local programming, and other important voices, such as Amy Goodman's. It broadcasts 24 hours a day.

WRFI needs, and deserves, our support. It's a great community asset, and an inspiration to other towns trying to do what we've done in creating it. So it deserves our support double.

Listen to RFI, check them out on the dial and the web, and see how you can help. And do it: by volunteering; by donating. Send a check. A big one, if you can. But even a modest one helps, and encourages. Ten bucks? Like buying them a drink or sending in a lunch or lattes? Do it! Do it today. Become part of the effort, the enterprise, and the team.

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