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Monday, June 24, 2013

4th of July On July 1

In Ithaca, we call it the Community Fireworks Celebration, because it's not on July Fourth, but on a cheaper day less in demand - this year, Monday 1 July.

This is the second year the event is at Stewart Park, a fine venue, with room to spread out, and for vendors with food and drink.

Transportation is always a problem for a fireworks show, because unlike a festival, everyone leaves at the same time. TCAT has free buses between the park and the library, but by far the best option is biking. If I lived in Enfield, I would bring a bike in back of the car, drive in and park at Wegman's, and bike across town. Bikes are not affected by congestion, and there was plenty at show's end last year, even to board the buses, and for them to exit.

Our favorite question about the fireworks show is, what time does it start?, because you don't have to answer that question.