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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

It's Official: Cayuga Heights Won't Shoot Deer

Cayuga Heights will not go through with the plan it approved to cull (that is, shoot) deer in the village, the mayor announced today.

Why the change, after a long, searing battle to pass the plan? Because property owners would not give permission for shooting on their parcels, the mayor said.

The Ithaca Journal called it a stunning reversal. But Ithaca Blog predicted it, four years ago. We said that no matter what was on the books, there would be civic action against shooting in the village, and never would it happen. (See our post on 12/10/08.)

We also predicted that Al Gore would enter the 2004 presidential race as an independent and win, and that Sarah Palin would not be the Republican vice-presidential candidate in 2008, so we guess we should be proud of this one. Ah, actually, we're proud of all of them.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Tip On Seeing Hinchey Sunday

Two posts ago here on IBlog (6 November) we wrote about a goodbye event scheduled for Sunday for our retiring congressmember, Maurice Hinchey, at the Hangar Theater. Now we have a big tip for Ithaca Blog readers for getting in: get there early.

Originally, doors were scheduled to open at 1 p.m. for an event advertised as 1 p.m. The co-ordinator figured, how long will it take people to settle in for the event? Ten minutes?

Volunteers for the event were aghast. They know it takes an Ithaca crowd a long time to settle down and settle in. Friends must be met. Acquaintances must be talked to. News and feelings must be shared. Gossip must be gleaned. All this takes time.

The co-ordinator relented. Doors are now scheduled to open at 12:15. We recommend for sure being there then. We will be surprised if the Hangar is not completely filled, and quickly.

New Era For Liberal Media?

It may be a new era for liberal media both nationally and locally.

Nationally, the victory of President Obama has also meant victories for MSNBC, the left-leaning cable news network. In the three days after the election, for the first time, more viewers aged 25 - 54 watched MSNBC than its right-wing rival, Fox.

Locally, Ithaca's community radio station, WRFI, is successfully soliciting volunteers for a major fundraising and public awareness campaign. The goal of the station is to create more local programming while retaining popular national shows, such as "Democracy Now!".

The first public meeting for the campaign was last Monday. Tonight is the second. The campaign is scheduled for the first week in December.

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Say Thanks To Hinchey In Person, Sunday 18 November

One thing we miss this Election Day is getting to vote for Maurice Hinchey as our representative to Congress. The mighty Maurice is retiring to enjoy life and health after a (successful) fight with cancer. / Maurice will be at the Hangar Theater on Sunday 18 November, from 1 - 2:30, for a farewell appearance. Admission is free, but Maurice asked that the event be an unofficial benefit for Ithaca's Cancer Resource Center. He knows a community asset when he sees one. Takes one to know one, as they say. So please attend and please bring a generous cheque in tribute to a right guy.

Friday, November 02, 2012

Fresh Dirt Magazine

Fresh Dirt magazine is such an anomaly it's hard to believe it's real. It's a glossy magazine - "bright, colorful, sleek," says Tommy Dunne, its publisher - about green living. And it's completely about Ithaca. / The Fall 2012 issue is just out. It includes articles about the buy local movement, and Jan Norman of Local First Ithaca; the Congo Square Market; and a photo feature on where local musicians buy their vintage clothes. There's a cover story on Richie Stearns. There's a map of where local vintners go to drink. There are recipes from Agava, Cafe Dewitt, and others. / Fresh Dirt is available at GreenStar Market and other local outlets.