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Tuesday, May 06, 2014

A Plug For, And A Tip To, The Jewelbox

We think the Jewelbox is the best jewelry store in town. It is fancy, as a jewelry store should be, but friendly, and not intimidating, as jewelry stores sometimes are. The staff are helpful and knowledgeable, and refrain from pushiness - a great and rare combination in this business, in our experience.

The place even veers towards funkiness, or at least funniness, in a sign they have outside. It's a low-slung, marquee-type deal on their corner, at W. Buffalo St. and Taughannock Blvd. The sign itself is a great idea: there are always a lot of cars waiting for the light to change at that intersection, with nothing much else to look at.

Last year, at this time, we commended them for the slide-in words on the marquee. They were trying to boost the valuable Mother's Day trade. The sign said, simply, this:

Mom, you were right.

We are surprised, this coming Mother's Day week, not to see a reprise, we mean an exact repeat, of that sign. Jewelbox, are you disinclined to repeat yourselves? Don't be. A great idea is a great idea (and is a great idea, next year, too).

If we owned a piece of the Jewelbox, we would have that great message back in a shot, and use it every year. Meanwhile, we have one other far-flung tip. The sign currently reads, "Superb Repairs Done On Site." If it was us, we would add the letters "ad" to the end of the word "Superb." Because maybe there are others like us, attracted by the funky and funny.

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