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Thursday, May 08, 2014

The Developing Ithaca Times Website

The website for the Ithaca Times is already a good spot to read the weekly when you left your print copy at work. Lately it is also developing into a local news source to rival the Ithaca Journal.

Today on WRFI radio we heard the news of the mobile meth lab discovered in a parked car downtown. It interested us particularly because the car was on our street. RFI credited the Ithaca Times with the story. We went to the website to read the article. That's where we also found out that Mayer's Smoke Shop (and newsstand) is closing, after more than a century. Bill Chaisson wrote the piece.

The website also has features not in the print version. Our column, for one (click Art & Entertainment, click Opinion, click Blogs, click Ithaca Blog).

There is a certain amount of navigation to do, admittedly. But not to get to the site. Somehow the paper got registration rights for "," a pretty nice domain name. Someone at the paper was thinking ahead.

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