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Monday, May 19, 2014

Keep Biking

National Bike To Work Day just passed, but the day is meant to be a reminder of the benefits of biking, and encouragement to do it more.

Biking is healthy for the environment, of course, and physically, but also mentally, we think.

Biking makes you part of your natural environment, while driving makes you part of an artificial and dangerous one. Cars are tons of metal, noise, and fumes and, while convenient, kill people. No wonder we are hostile while driving. That moron is trying to kill me. What's the matter with this douchebag? I'll show him. These are the kind of thoughts provoked by driving. Meanwhile, you will never see a biking commuter cut another one off, or deny someone a lane change.

If you don't have a bike, try craigslist. If your old bike needs a tune-up, try the Cyclery on W. State Street. $75 or so will set you up for pleasant paths.

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