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Monday, March 14, 2011

Ithacan Travels to War to Hear Children Talk of Peace

Have you ever noticed that whenever you see Arabic people in the media, they are screaming, holding weapons, or near something on fire?

You never see community groups in a meeting room, or hear voices of individuals, from countries being occupied or strafed with bombs.

That would remind you they are just like you.

Our friend Clare Grady, a peace activist, is going to Afghanistan as part of an international group to listen to peoples' voices, beseeching peace - specifically, young people.

The delegation was invited to Kabul by a group called Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers.

The young people of the group have never known life without war.

They are sponsoring a project called Live Without Wars. There will be talking and listening, a multi-ethnic walk, and planting of trees in Kabul.

The event takes place the weekend of March 19 - 21.

Clare leaves tomorrow. We made a donation to support the trip and hope you might, too.

Donations can be sent to Ithaca Catholic Worker, P.O. Box 293, Ithaca NY 14851.

More information is available at

Stephen Burke
for Ithaca NY Blog

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