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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Grady Girls Play Music Against Militarism, Sun. 13 March

The Grady Girls play a benefit concert on Sunday night against drone warfare by the U.S. government in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Drones are mechanized aircraft that drop bombs without personnel on board. In other words, they are completely automated killing machines.

The people on the receiving end of these bombs can't possibly conceive of them as anything but the ultimate weapons of terrorism.

The U.S. government uses them, ostensibly, to kill political foes in Afghanistan and Pakistan. They kill a lot of innocent civilians, too, but no one in the upper reaches of the U.S. government seems to care about that, as long as nobody notices or says anything.

Well, the Grady Girls do, and they want us to, too.

The Girls are playing their fine Irish music in support of a walk by local peace groups next month to Syracuse, where the drones are maintained.

The event is at Delilah's on Cayuga, 112 S. Cayuga St., Sunday 13 March, at 6 p.m. It runs until 11:00. It's loose, so come by any time. If you don't know, the Gradys and their compatriots are a wonderfully convivial conglomeration; you will have a wonderful time.

There is no set fee, but it is a benefit for a big effort, so please contribute nicely.

Stephen Burke
for Ithaca NY Blog

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