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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Record Store Day at Small World Music

We interrupt normal broadcast here at Ithaca Blog to smallcast to the many people who are sent to this site each day lately by searching for "Record Store Day Ithaca" and, apparently, getting some outdated information along the way, from the "Record Store Day" site, which we should correct.

The "Record Store Day" site gives splendid information about Small World Music that is still true, except for our location.

(We say "our" because we, that is, I, do both Small World Music and Ithaca Blog.)

SWM is no longer at 614 West State St. in Ithaca, but at 115 East State St., on the Ithaca Commons, in the basement of Autumn Leaves Books, sharing space with a wonderful enterprise called Angry Mom Records.

You can check for disinterested reviews of just how wonderful it all is. Meanwhile, know that the newly-combined, power-packed force of Angry Mom/Small World makes Record Store Day in Ithaca a crazy day of greatness for all music lovers.

We invest plenty of money and time in this event, which is a co-op enterprise of independent stores all over the country. We will have all the cool products that great artists and labels are offering specially for the day. We will have live bands in the store. We will have give-aways and contests.

For all who didn't know about it yet, check it. Record Store Day is a big celebration and getting bigger every year. There's a reason we are here, and thriving, and Borders is gone. You know?

Record Store Day is Saturday 16 April. Angry Mom Records/Small World Music usually opens at noon, 7 days a week, but on Record Store day we open at 10 a.m.

Steve Burke
for Small World Music/Ithaca Blog

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