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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Musafir: Public Service Announcement (for them and ourselves)

Ithaca Blog has been receiving a lot of hits from web searches for "Musafir, Ithaca", "Musafir, Club Euphoria", and the like. So we want to do an explicit announcement about the Musafir concert this weekend so that these searchers will find the information they want.

Musafir was the surprise hit of the GrassRoots Festival this year. The band is from Rajasthan, a desert area of northwest India, probably as far away on Earth as one can get from Trumansburg. But Musafir spanned the gap with a passionate show that proved the power of music to communicate and excite, despite differences and distance.

The band got a rousing reception not just for its performance, which was hip-deep with flamboyant flourish, but for the sense of joy they conveyed at being part of the GrassRoots event. The band played with Donna the Buffalo, in a memorable east-meets-west set, and bandmember Chugge Khan has spent the past few weeks in Ithaca, sitting in at performances by Burke, Burke, and Bone at Maxie's, Ti Ti Chickapea at the Chapter House, and Old Crow Medicine Show at the State Theater.

Musafir performs at Club Euphoria at 8 pm, Saturday 7 October. Club Euphoria is in the space last occupied by the late club Odyssey, in the Masonic Lodge, one block from the Commons, at the southeast corner of Seneca and Cayuga Streets (115 N. Cayuga St.).

Tickets are available at the door for $15, or in advance for $12 at Small World Music. Small World Music is at 614 W. State St., between Meadow and Fulton Streets, across the street from Kinko's, in a garage behind the house.

Stephen Burke
for Ithaca Blog

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