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Friday, October 06, 2006

Ithaca Weekend Highlights

It is a relatively quiet weekend in Ithaca, but by no means devoid of edification and exceptional entertainment.

Friday: "An Inconvenient Truth", Al Gore's landmark documentary about environmental degradation, enjoyed a long run on various screens downtown and at Cornell. Tonight it is presented free at St. Paul's United Methodist Church, on Aurora and Court Streets, followed by a discussion by a panel of scientists and alternative energy specialists. 7 pm.

Yankees vs Tigers , at either Benchwarmers or Uncle Joe's. Okay, okay, it's not edifying local entertainment! But it's the national pasttime, its championship baseball, it's New York (although the truly soulful New York franchise plays tomorrow, against L.A.), and it's Friday night! Come on! Root, root, root! Even if you have TV at home, it's still a big bunch of fun, and a kind rare enough to come by, to indulge this completely engrossing, equally silly, passion with a group of worked-up, effusive partisans. Which is the better venue for such an outing, Benchwarmers or Uncle Joe's? Not sure, but as diligent journalists, we will endeavor to sample both environs, and report the critical findings for future dates.

Rastafrica. A new, local reggae band, playing a sweet, soulful, roots rock repetoire. At Micawber's, 118 N. Aurora St., 10 pm. No cover, and they advertise their Happy Hour as 10 pm - 1 am.

Saturday: Musafir, the far-out, far east Indian band that was the sensation of the 2006 GrassRoots Festival, returns to town for a show at Club Euphoria, a new venue in the old Masonic Lodge at 115 N. Cayuga St. Tickets are $15 at the door, $12 in advance at Small World Music.

Sunday: Kelley Birtch is a guitarist and composer from New York. She can play loud, she can play soft, she plays and writes very well, and she sounds different from most music in Ithaca. At Ithaca's best Sunday brunch, at the ABC Cafe, 308 Stewart Av., 11 am. Free.

The wonders of blognology allow us to announce a late change in Maxie's "Shuck'n'Jive" show for this Sunday. Scheduled, but unable to perform, was an ensemble called CandyFloss. Filling in will be the Hogwarshers, a new old-timey combo that promises fiddle tunes at break-neck speed, with a few wistful waltzes mixed in. From 8 - 11 pm. Free.

Have fun!

Stephen Burke
for Ithaca Blog

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