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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Richard Price Writing For Network TV

Normally we don't write much here about television. Why, because we are snobby? Maybe, although we will certainly watch the Mets on TV, and that is not a very elite pastime.

Friends of ours tried to get us to watch "Mad Men," and we watched this year's episodes, but we think it is a little silly. They also mentioned "Game of Thrones," but we nixed that without a trial. Why?, they asked. We explained that we don't like any entertainments with people wearing costumes, or with English accents.

We like realistic things, or at least credible ones. So, we are interested that premiering this Sunday is a series that seems a lock in those categories: a cop drama, "NYC-22," written by Richard Price, bard of the Bronx (and Cornell alumnus).

TV fans will know Price as a writer of the HBO series "The Wire." Book fans know him as author of "The Wanderers," "Clockers," "Lush Life," and other novels. Movie fans might know he screenwrote "The Color of Money," "Sea Of Love," and others.

Price's writing is stark, so we were surprised to see the series is on network TV rather than cable. We will bet on Price on any writing enterprise, though.

Steve Burke
for Ithaca NY Blog

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