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Monday, March 26, 2012

Last Chance To Read "Brooklyn 3 New York" (For Free)

Our parvus opus, "Brooklyn 3 New York," is available for free reading on, but not for long.

We are preparing it for bona fide publication (well, online, but for money), and part of the deal is that it can't be available anywhere else, especially free.

"Brooklyn 3 New York" refers to the part of Brooklyn I know best, and no one else knows at all, East Flatbush.

It is primarily about the years I spent there in pre-zip code days (hence the title), as a youthful youngster; and a child's development in that raucous borough, when it was a real blue-collar place, of people who read newspapers, and not Jonathan Lethem, that stroontz. (For example.) And talked a lot.

You can find it simply by searching for Brooklyn 3 New York.

Next stop is Amazon Kindle. That will cost a reasonable few bucks to read. But it will have the literary advantage over the blog of printing the selections from the first one written to the last, instead of the reverse.

Steve Burke
for Ithaca NY Blog

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