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Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Our Readers Like Mob Movies

We got a couple dozen replies to our question about movies our readers have watched most repeatedly.

It doesn't surprise us too much that the most popular were mob movies. "Godfather" and "Goodfellas" got numerous citations. "My Blue Heaven" got a nod: an oddball mob movie, but of the genre, technically.

On the other end of the sensibility spectrum, "The Sound Of Music" got two affirmations.

Personally, we have yet to see "The Sound Of Music".

The only other picture with more than one mention was "The Big Chill".

There were a couple of semi-classics: "Chinatown", "Duck Soup". There were some decidedly not classic; but this is what makes a horserace: "French Kiss", "Overboard", "That Thing You Do!".

A few we had to look up: "An Affair To Remember", "Wings Of Desire", "Inland Empire".

"A River Flows North" is probably pretty obscure to most, but not to Rip Torn fans, nor Ithacans (the Horse Flies did the soundtrack).

"Fail-Safe" was the only political film mentioned, and made us think, how does "Dr. Strangelove" miss this list? (We pretty much know "Dr. Strangelove" by heart.)

At the end, we thought, something is missing here, but we couldn't think what. Then it occurred to us: the movies that are on cable TV all the time. Why no entry from that group? Then, just a few minutes ago, came  this submission: " 'Moonstruck', of course."

Of course! We have seen "Moonstruck" a million times, too. We have always wondered about "Moonstruck" on the masculine/feminine movie matrix. But that's another topic.

Steve Burke
for Ithaca NY Blog

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