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Monday, December 22, 2008

Small World Music Here For Scrambling, Strapped Santas

Small World Music is usually closed Mondays, but we're here with extended hours every day from now until Christmas, 10 am to 7 pm.

This is a tough holiday season in terms of dollars and time. Money is scarce, and the holiday season is short, with Thanksgiving coming late, with just three weekends between it and Chanukah and Christmas.

Thus, our extended hours. And as always, our convenient location at 614 W. State St., six blocks from the Commons, with easy on-street parking. No traffic to fight, nor sleety hills to climb.

Music is probably the least expensive gift with emotional content. It conveys a lot for a little, and lasts forever.

We have a lot of things here you and yours will like: new Bon Iver, Lucinda Williams, Kings of Leon, Fireman (aka Paul McCartney and Youth), Ani Difranco, Taj Mahal, Willie Nelson and Wynton Marsalis, Soweto Gospel Choir, Emmylou Harris, Horseflies, Sim Redmond, Solas, eclectic collections by Putumayo, box sets by Hank Williams, and of the Philadelphia Sound, and much more.

We hope to see you, on your way to a happy holiday.

Steve Burke
for Small World Music and Ithaca Blog

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