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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

P.S. Invite To Caroline Kennedy

Caroline, as I see in the news that you are currently in Syracuse on an upstate swing, I want particularly to invite you to the Irish music night described in the previous post.

You might remember me from our high school days. I was at Regis, the Jesuit school for boys two blocks from the apartment where you lived with your mother and brother. I used to come yell outside your building on Friday nights when we had socials to see if your mother would let you attend.

"Mrs. Onassis? Hey, Mrs. Onassis? Can Caroline come to the dance at Regis tonight?" That was me.

That never worked. These days, of course, there are much more genteel ways, such as this, to pester total strangers.

So, come, get a jump-start on your upstate campaign, and we can catch up on old times. That part won't take long.

Stephen Burke
Student Council President
Regis High School
for Ithaca Blog

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