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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

"First Annual Fall Creek Ball Drop" on New Years Eve

We've learned of a New Years Eve event that strikes us as very Ithacan in its creative DIYness - a mix of music, pageantry, nature, and fun.

Here's an edited version of the notice we got:

The residents of 431 N. Cayuga Street (the funky-looking building across from Gimme Coffee) are hosting the first annual Fall Creek Ball Drop.

We are planning on creating and dropping a beautiful glowing orb down the inside of the huge front window of the building at midnight.

The countdown begins at 11:50. Feel free to bring friends, family, pets and noisemakers. We will be playing some fun music out the window for people to dance and celebrate to in the streets.

While you wait for the ball to drop, look for a pile of sticks and stones near the creek. Take a stick or stone and throw it into the water as a symbol of releasing all things difficult, stressful, or painful from the last year. As you throw it in, be mindful of, speak of, or share your goals and hopes for the coming year. It's that easy!

Our goal is to create a fun and local celebration for the Ithaca community. Why watch it on TV hundreds of miles away when you can walk down the street and celebrate with neighbors?

Good, right? See you there. Thanks to Evan and Dani for doing this.

Steve Burke
for Ithaca Blog

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