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Friday, March 28, 2008

Weekend Activities, 28 - 30 March

Friday 3/28: At Castaways, Go Gone go and are gone early, with a 5 pm show. They are followed by a tribute to Tom Petty, by many local bands, in a benefit for the Cayuga Waterfront Trail. 9 pm.

* * *

Saturday 3/29: Tap dancing at the State Theater, with Walking In Time, featuring some of the form's greatest steppers. 8 pm.

Castaways schedules an evening with two bands in the ablative case, Millionaires of Love and Thousands of One. 9 pm.

TalkToMes at the Chapter House, 10 pm. Their new CD is available at Small World Music.

* * *

Sunday 3/30: Guitarist Kelly Birtch at brunch at the ABC, 11 am. Later that night at the cafe, Josh Dolan, at 9:30.

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