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Friday, March 28, 2008

Ithaca Hours in the News Recently (But Where, Exactly?)

Yesterday and today, Ithaca Blog has received scores of website hits from people looking for information about Ithaca Hours, our local currency system, with which we are affiliated as members, and which we have written about frequently.

This kind of uptick occurs pretty regularly, whenever Hours receives some big media attention. Usually, we're aware of where that attention comes from, but not this time, oddly enough.

It's good, of course, but we're a little worried that people might not be getting all the information they seek.

For the record, the official site of Ithaca Hours is That's .org, not .com.

If you would like to ask questions live about Ithaca Hours, call here to Small World Music and speak to Stephen Burke, of the Hours Board of Directors. The phone at Small World is 607/256-0428.

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