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Friday, January 11, 2008

Weekend Quiz: Rain and the Desire for Coffee

We resurrect a moribund Ithaca Blog tradition today with a weekend quiz.

We thought of the question this morning on the way to work. It's rainy and lousy and we decided to stop at Gimme Coffee, down West State Street from Small World Music, for a Midnight Rider, you know, a little treat for ourselves beyond the barbaric coffee we personally brew.

We wondered, does the coffee shop do better business on rainy days, with people who think like us, coming in specially to treat themselves? Or does business suffer when it rains? Or, does the rain have no effect?

Ponder and respond and you become eligible for a $10 gift certificate to Small World Music, selected at random. Every entry is eligible, not just correct ones, because it is not quite a right and wrong kind of question, although we did get a pretty definitive answer from Sid at Gimme, which we will reveal on Monday, along with the contest winner.

Post a response here, or send it to Small World Music, at

Steve Burke
for Ithaca Blog

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Jeremiah said...

Honestly, I think rain does wonders (in both business and atmosphere) to cozy places ALL OVER Ithaca.

Coffee shops are one of those great venues where one can walk in, shake off the ever-so-to-small umbrella, order your favorite .5 oz. drink for $9.75 and discover that a certain someone ALSO had the same idea.

Rainy days in Ithaca, expert matchmakers they are, tend to drive out the ego and selfishness from people - Making them much more pleasing to converse with.

Elsewhere, say, a convenient shelter mid-town next to a flower shop, you might find a small crowd meeting for the first time. Someone has a tall latte' and would normally share with no one within a hundred miles. But today, she is feeling warm, and cozy with her new friends- one of which she has seen every day since she moved here back in '89, but never talked to.

So, all in all, Rain is Good. Rain is Cozy. And above all, Rain brings us together.