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Friday, January 11, 2008

Ithaca Hours on Google Video, from Italy

Even those of us who help run Ithaca Hours, and do a lot of business with Hours, are surprised sometimes at the extent of interest in our local currency around the country and the world.

The latest instance (a long one) is a video posted by a group of filmmakers who visited Ithaca from Italy last month. As they continue work on the final product (they say preparing the Italian subtitles is the hardest part), they are posting rough footage on Google Video.

Part 1, up now, is an interview done here at Small World Music, with the president of Hours' Board of Directors, who also happens to own Small World Music, and also writes Ithaca Blog, and is also yours truly.

The interview is over an hour, and not even close family figures to watch the whole thing, and I haven't, either. But if you are interested in seeing a bit of what people from rather far off want to know about un esempio di moneta locale complentare, you can check, and simply search for "Ithaca Hours," or what the filmmakers are officially (as of now) calling "What Is Ithaca Hours?"

Future installments will feature GreenStar Co-op, ABC Cafe, and Alternatives Federal Credit Union.

- Stephen Burke

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