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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Big Music All Around Ithaca in January

We had some visitors from Queens last weekend who marveled at all there is to do in Ithaca, particularly in music.

What are you talking, we said, compared to New York?

They said yeah but, in New York there is schlepping. Here, yous have it all very nice in one nice neighborhood (our city being the equivalent of a small city neighborhood, I suppose).

They're right. We have music at the Lost Dog, Castaways, the ABC, the Haunt, the Chapter House, and most splendidly the State Theater. Our guests loved the idea of eating dinner at Diamonds, Moosewoods, or any of another dozen restaurants, up until 5 minutes to show time, then strolling a block to the big venue.

So you shouldn't miss out, here are some of the big shows playing in town through January.

Spider John Koerner, with the Chicken Chokers. Castaways, Thursday 10 Jan.

The following are all at the State:

GrassRoots Festival sensation Cyro Baptista and Beat the Donkey, Sun. 20 Jan.

South African legends Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Fri. 25 Jan.

Neko Case, Sat. 26 Jan.

Why isn't Richard Thompson as venerated as Eric Clapton? Because he's funnier? A rare opportunity to see this great guitarist and creative force, Wed. 30 Jan.

At Small World Music, we have recordings by all these fine people (CDs and LPs), including some hard-to-find things, and some used inventory in good condition at nice prices. Come see; you won't be sorry.

Steve Burke
for Ithaca Blog and Small World Music

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