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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Weekend Activities, Jan. 20 & 21

Saturday: Greg Schatz, a.k.a. Schatzy, begins a half-week long tour of Ithaca tonight. Schatzy is an Ithaca native who moved to New Orleans a few years back, and built a good career there with interesting, fun music befitting the Big Easy environment. Tonight he is at the Chapter House, at 8 p.m., with AJ Strauss on bass and Felix Teitlebaum on drums. He'll be at Korova at 9 on Sunday, then traveling to Maxie's for a 6 - 10 pm show on Tuesday.

Sunday: The main event of the weekend is George Carlin at the State Theater. Tickets are dear, but also close to selling out at this moment, so act fast to see one of the greats of modern comedy. See if he will grace us with the Regis Dance. 7 p.m.

At the other end of the expensive spectrum is Bill Staines, performing free at Bound for Glory at the old Commons Coffeehouse in Anabel Taylor Hall at Cornell. Mr. Staines is one of those old- school folk singers who values a good melody and a good tale and exudes niceness in a thoroughly winning way. Arrive early for a seat. The first set is 8:30; a 7:30 arrival time is not too early. They have brownies, etc., and right across the hall is the Alternatives Library, a fine resource for worthy reading material.
You could probably make the third set, at 10:30, and get a seat, as early-birds split. Go there from the Carlin show and you can even-out the cost of a great night's entertainment.
Or achieve the same thing by checking out the Small Kings at Maxie's. There's no cover charge for the "rock, groove and pop fantasy" they perform. The Small Kings start at 8 and go to 11.

Have fun -
Steve Burke
for Ithaca Blog

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