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Friday, January 26, 2007

Contest: "Light in Winter" Music

This week's contest, sponsored by Small World Music, is inspired by the Light In Winter festival this weekend in Ithaca, a festival celebrating the connections between science and art.

One festival event this weekend features the music, and the physics, of the pipe organ, one of the oldest musical instruments in the Western musical tradition.

Our focus is more recent.

In American popular music, there are three makes of organs that are so predominant that they are commonly known brand names - as Fender, Gibson, and Martin are among guitars, for instance.

One of the three is associated with jazz, one with rock (it was used by the Animals in "House of the Rising Sun", by Rod Argent of The Zombies, and most notably by Ray Manzarek of the Doors), and one with Tex-Mex music.

Name any one, and you are eligible for a randomly-selected $10 gift certificate from Small World Music.

You can post your entry here on Ithaca Blog, or email it to Small World Music (

Please note: we think we have had some problems in not receiving some entries that are sent by clicking to that link. We have been receiving many, but perhaps not all, due to some technical problem that we don't quite fathom. This week we will send verification of every entry received, with a quick email reply. If you don't get one for your entry, we would like to know... either email us by typing out our address instead of using the link, or phone us at 256-0428.

Thank you -
Steve Burke
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