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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Last Week's Contest Winner

The winner of last week's "t-shirt contest", so to speak, was J.M. of Ithaca.

The consensus of respondents seems to be that the no-tag tag is alright. Personally, I put my t-shirt on backward this very morning. So I am unconvinced. Of course, I also think that cell phones are a lousy idea.

J.M. gets a $10 gift certificate to Small World Music. Where we might be selling a line of artistic t-shirts, soon. American Apparel, for sure; I don't know if they offer a choice between tagged and tagless.

Thanks to all who entered. New chance to win a gift cert. mid-week, this week, by submitting a political opinion about George Bush and his desired escalation of war in Iraq (see today's earlier posting). Plus, new, regularly-scheduled contest each Friday.

Steve Burke
for Ithaca Blog

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