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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Prediction: Tasini Beats Clinton (... in Ithaca)

Previously in Ithaca Blog, we looked at the Democratic primary race for the Senate in New York, and the failure of supposedly progressive groups such as MoveOn to endorse the progressive candidate, challenger Jonathan Tasini, in fear of the moneyed and powerful but clearly centrist incumbent, Hillary Clinton.

MoveOn responded to widespread criticism by holding an on-line "election." Ithaca Blog scrutinized their rules and predicted the result would be an official non-endorsement by MoveOn of either candidate. The morning the poll was announced, we advised MoveOn to save us all some time, and just go ahead and announce the results: no endorsement.

The next day the results came : No endorsement.

No surprise.

Our crystal ball has more bad news: despite a great effort, Tasini will be lucky to get 20% state-wide. Clinton has the power of incumbency, instant name recognition, $44 million to Tasinii's $200,000, and no pressure from entrenched groups like MoveOn even to debate her progressive, anti-war challenger.

But there's one bright glint in the Ithaca Blog crystal ball. It says that Tasini will win in the city of Ithaca.

Is it because we are the Enlightened City? No, not so much that as, perhaps, the enlightening city. A city that will enlighten other voters in New York with the idea that a liberal leader who voted for the Bush war is not a liberal, and more importantly, not a leader. And that if you don't vote for what you really believe in, you don't really vote.

You can't fool all the people all the time. Tomorrow's news: in the five wards of the City of Ithaca, Tasini 53%, Clinton 47%.

Stephen Burke
for Ithaca Blog

1 comment:

MysteriousLady said...

I like Tasini's medicare for all platform. It is so needed in our country, and so wrong for our country not to have health care for all.

Clinton's tried it and backed off under fire. They go for popularity contests, not whats needed.

What we need to happen is a complete change in all the politicains in Washington. To those with vision, willing to try something new, younger, much younger.

I don't get a vote in NY anymore. I will vote in TN for Harold Ford Jr. I've met him in person, he's young, full of vision, and for changing the health care scene.

Course I went online to see who's running for president. For the love of God, both sides have the same old people. Fresh blood somewhere, please! I'm so sick of the same old faces, same old stories. It's like this country is in a funk.