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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Last Chance Movies This Week

Similarly to Ithaca Blog's proclivity to review movie theaters rather than movies (see posting from 5 August), we now introduce the service of listing noteable movies as they close, rather than open.

Our two independent downtown theaters, Cinemapolis and Fall Creek, do an admirable job of presenting a large number of fine films in their small premises, with adroit manipulation of films and screens. But the pictures do come and go pretty rapidly, in the quest of givin' 'em what they want, the only thing that counts in show biz. Unfortunately, we find that sometimes the ones we want are gone before we get to them. Thus this feature, where every Wednesday we will alert you to worthwhile flicks that are flickering out to make room for the new ones the coming week.

Cinemapolis: closing are "Leonard Cohen: I'm Your Man", and "Scoop". (Opening: "Confetti", joining "Little Miss Sunshine".)

Maybe all the Leonard Cohen cult has already made it in to "I'm Your Man". But Leonard Cohen is largely popular in Ithaca, along with other lovable misfit crooners such as Tom Waits and Johnny Dowd. It was quite a service by Cinemapolis to bring "I'm Your Man" in so soon - a niche film that is primarily showing only in big, artsy cities.

"Scoop" has gained praise for director Woody Allen as one of his most satisfying, credible, and funny films in years. It has also been showing at Fall Creek, and is closing there too this week.

Fall Creek: closing are "An Inconvenient Truth", "Only Human", and "Scoop". (Opening: "Half Nelson" and "Trust the Man", joining "Hollywoodland".)

Is Al Gore, like Leonard Cohen, a lovable misfit prophet these days? His star has certainly risen with this controversial, important film about global warming and environmental degradation. It has enjoyed a long run in Ithaca, at both downtown theaters for some weeks.

"Only Human" is about a Jewish girl in Madrid bringing her Palestinian boyfriend home to meet the family. It's a comedy. Closing just before the High Holy Days. Maybe it will reopen at Christmas?

Stephen Burke
for Ithaca Blog

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Reel Fanatic said...

Letting people know what they're about to miss out on is a definite public service ... Mr. Gore's movie somehow managed to make it down to my little corner of the world for exactly one week earlier this summer ... I would never have imagined that a lecture by Al Gore could be so entertaining, and thoroughly terrifying