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Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Super-Skunk Hoses Down City Block

A super-skunk, I report in awe, laid down a chemical/biological spray last night that a United Nations crew should investigate.

The stench woke me from sound sleep at 4 a.m. I live in a second-floor apartment. The windows were closed.

Once I figured out what had happened (well, it was obvious what had happened, just hard to believe), I crawled out of my room (stay low, more oxygen) to the inner-most sector of the apartment. But it is not that big an apartment. I still feared for my safety.

I don't think skunk spray usually kills, but whatever got hit directly with this would be lucky to die. Its social life is essentially through. It probably committed suicide.

A few years ago, the Fire Department came to our block at 5 a.m. when Six Mile Creek was rising to tell us we might have to evacuate. I wondered last night if they would come to tell us the opposite, that we were quarantined. Maybe no one would do it, haz-mat suit or not. I wouldn't, for a kick-off.

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