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Wednesday, April 09, 2014

216 "Likes" On Facebook For Pat Burke, With B.B. King

Did you ever get 216 "Likes" on Facebook for any personal news you posted?

Me, neither. But Pat Burke (yes, we are slightly related) did, this week (so far), for his casual announcement that he and his son Brian will play acoustic blues at the State Theater on Friday in support of (i.e., to open for) blues legend B.B. King.

A few weeks ago, I wrote a story for the Ithaca Times about Bob Proehl, of Buffalo Street Books, who announced on Facebook that he was leaving his job there to become a full-time writer. Bob's announcement got 43 Facebook comments and 167 "Likes." I considered those numbers indicative of newsworthiness. My editor agreed, thus the story.

So, today, I consider: 216. That is more than 167. (A funny thing is that the FB "comment" tallies for Pat and Bob stand exactly the same, at 43. Weird, huh? Of course, Pat still has a few days to go. (I suppose I could write one myself to push Pat into the forefront. Of course, that would be nepotistic. Of course, as if all this isn't already.))

I guess what this means is that I should pitch a story to my editor now about Pat. If you know Paddy and me, look out. It will take some savage editing to keep it from requiring at least a triple-issue. Anyway, break a leg, my brother; and nephew Brian.

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