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Friday, February 25, 2011

Trivia Quiz: Win $10 From Small World Music/Angry Mom Records

What is the only pop song ever to include the word "inquisitive" in its lyrics?

Be the first, second, or third to give us the answer (mulitple winners!) and win a $10 gift certificate to Small World Music/Angry Mom Records, in the basement of Autumn Leaves Books on the Commons.

The question arose at the music party, with talented, hip DJ's, that Angry Mom ran at Silky Jones on the Commons last Sunday.

There were multiple DJ's stacking wax, and the question came up, what songs are guaranteed party-starters?

We were not spinning, but had an opinion. We named the song in question. We said, not only is it stirring, to your very soul, but it uses the word "inquisitive." And it is the second word in the song. Beat that.

We mean, James Brown, for example, has many party-starting songs, but probably none including a four-syllable adjective, at least not one not starting with the letter "m." (And that particular word, now that we think of it, is probably not technically an adjective, but a present participle.)

We'll give you two hints. One is probably obvious: it is a soul song. Hint #2: it charted in 1967.

And, extra bonus, if you can tell us a different song employing the word "inquisitive," we will give you an $11 gift certificate.

Send your reply (we are ready for the deluge) to us here via Ithaca Blog; or e-mail us personally at

Stephen P. Burke
for Small World Music & Ithaca NY Blog

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