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Saturday, February 19, 2011

One-Day Delay on Chili Cook-Off: (Very) Late-Breaking News

We just got very late-breaking news that the Chili Cook-Off on Saturday 19 Feb. has been moved to the following day, because of bad weather.

The news comes to us from the event's volunteer co-ordinator, who got it from the event's main co-ordinator.

We asked for a double-check, before posting this announcement; and got that confirmation.

We asked for the confirmation because we thought, isn't bad weather always possibly part of the deal, for a February event?

But the concern tonight is that there will be no power tomorrow, with high winds that will likely last.

See our past couple of postings for details about a free offer at Angry Mom Records/Small World Music to people attending the event. That offer now will hold for both Saturday and Sunday.

Steve Burke
for Small World Music/Angry Mom Records/ Ithaca NY Blog

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