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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Two Questions About the Bathroom

Cleaning the apartment the other day brought forth two questions about household plumbing.

1. Why does the bathroom sink have an outflow slot to prevent overflowing, but the kitchen sink doesn't?

2. Why is "cleaning" the toilet no more than putting cleanser in the toilet, swirling it around and scrubbing with a brush, and flushing? It's better than nothing, but essentially you are trying to get something clean using toilet bowl water.

Why not heat up some water in the tea kettle and pour it into the toilet for this scrubbing? We use hot water to clean everything else - why not for the germiest thing in the house?

I talked to my friend JD and told her about this brain attack. She didn't wait too long before saying, "Now I know you are really crazy."

I don't think so. I know it is an odd thing to think about, but there was the toilet, and there was I, and there was the cold toilet water. And then there was the bathroom light bulb over my head.
I wouldn't have thought of it at all had I been thinking about the tax forms in the kitchen I was supposed to be working on. But of course generally no one cleans the house except when they're supposed to be doing something else they want to do even less.

Steve Burke
for Ithaca Blog

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