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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

John Specker Fiddles In Town This Saturday

Another harbinger of yearly summertime fun at GrassRoots Festival (advance tickets go on sale at Small World Music and other locations on Valentine's Day) is a rare other appearance by festival favorite John Specker, this Saturday, for the Cornell Folk Song Club.

John is a mighty big man at GrassRoots, where he appears every year, from the enclave in Vermont which he rarely leaves, otherwise.

Usually it's just John, his fiddle, his chair, and his stomping feet, tapping the primordial to summon the sublime - the John Lee Hooker of mountain music. Sometimes, lately, he is accompanied by his two daughters, in whom he clearly delights.

The show is at 165 McGraw Hall at Cornell. We suggest getting tickets early. They are available at Small World Music now, for $15 ($17.50 at the show).

Steve Burke
for Ithaca Blog & Small World Music

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