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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Herb Engman for Town Supervisor

Today is the Democratic primary for the party's candidate for the important, executive position of Town Supervisor. We strongly urge the election of Herb Engman.

Engman serves on the Town Board and has the support of every member of the Board, who can be a rather disparate group on most issues.

Engman's opponent, Cathy Valentino, has held the job for three terms. Her supporters characterize her job performance as tough-minded and competent. Her detractors call her untrusting and, concomitantly, untrustworthy. Her tenure has been marked with lawsuits and personal attacks against those who differ with her.

Engman has the endorsement of his party organization. His rival for the endorsement, Tim Joseph, declined to run in the primary to support Engman.

Stories about the considerable political intrigue of this election appear in Ithaca Blog postings from January 20 and June 20.

We urge you to vote, and remind your friends. The year Alan Cohen beat Ben Nichols for mayor, he won by 58 votes.

Stephen Burke
for Ithaca Blog

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