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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Food World: Taste of Thai Express, 528 W. State St.

This will be too short a piece to really qualify as anything-world, and it covers a culinary area we don't know much about, but we never let modesty stop us, around here.

The thing is, we went to Taste of Thai Express on W. State St. this week, and mealed up so nicely that we thought we should publicize it.

Taste of Thai is a little joint at 528 W. State St., in a kind of ramshackle space. Our first impression was that the small, oddly-shaped room would not be conducive to conversation, and we were with friends we hadn't seen for a while. But the space proved comfortable and welcoming in all respects.

The others in my party all know the cuisine, and ordered things I didn't know, and I wish they wrote here, so you could learn about some subleties of this cooking. I ordered the boringest thing, that even novices know, pad thai, because I figured if they don't do that well, it's a sign.

But the dish was delicious in all manner. A calvacade of flavor, fresh spices and garnishes, good chicken and shrimp, and unsticky and light, but filling, noodles.

Everyone at our table was very happy with their selections, which were all different. One was vegetarian. The vegetarian, and I, had more quantity than we could handle, and happily got wrap-ups for the next day's lunch.

The service was friendly and easy-going, but ruthlessly efficient and fast. The prices were modest.

There is no liquor license, and we noticed a guy walk in with a bottle of wine - his only company. They popped it for him and gave him a nice wine glass and he looked content.

Taste of Thai has a website, with menu, at

Steve Burke
for Ithaca Blog

p.s.: don't miss the Thai iced coffee.

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