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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Local Organic Flowers From Three Sisters Farm

Funny how people will stop into a coffee bar, or bar, or bakery to buy themselves a treat they deserve, but don't often treat themselves to flowers.

Maybe it is the relative inaccessibility of the commodity, or maybe it's just an unfamiliar notion.

Whatever the reason, Three Sisters Farm is hoping to change it.

Three Sisters Farm is beginning retail sale of flower bouquets that are grown locally and organically. They will be at the Farmers Market on Thursdays, from 3 - 7 pm.

Mary Loehr of Three Sisters answered a few questions from Ithaca Blog.

Ithaca Blog: Where is Three Sisters Farm?

Mary: We grow the flowers on Snyder Hill Road, on land that we rent.

IB: Is it strictly flowers?

Mary: No - we have a vegetable farm, a CSA with 25 or so subscribers. I read an excellent book, "The Organic Flower Farmer," and began growing flowers for subscribers. We still have space for subscribers, and enough to sell retail, hence Farmers Market.

IB: And Three Sisters is an organic flower farm.

Mary: Yes. Flowers are a huge source of pesticide use. Buying local and organic is safer for all involved. In our case, it's a chance for people to support a woman-owned, small organic farm.

Mary's partners in Three Sisters Farm are Aro Veno, Rebecca Nellenback, and Amy Garbincus. They plan to be at Farmers Market on Thursdays through September.

Stephen Burke
for Ithaca Blog

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Jace said...

Wow.... organic flowers. Have shopped at Organic Bouquet for them for mother's day.