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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Drop-In Center Gets Funding, Avoids Closing

In the spirit, perhaps, of it takes a county to raise a child, the Tompkins County Legislature last night allocated $50,000 to the Drop-In Children's Center to prevent the Center from closing.

The Drop-In Children's Center provides child care on a sliding scale for up to 84 children, including 18 slots left open for emergency drop-in services.

The Center has pressing financial needs from an expansion in 2005, and an increase in service to low-income families paying on the lower end of the sliding scale fee structure.

Dozens of people came to the meeting to advocate for the funding, which passed by a 9-5 vote.

County Chair Tim Joseph explained that the county has the necessary funding available in its contingency fund, which exists to aid in emergency situations.

The Center has operated in Ithaca's northside neighborhood since the 1970's, when it started as a parents' cooperative. Today it is run by a professional staff, with opportunities for parents to work for child care credit.

The Center still has another $50,000-plus in debt, and community help is still crucial.

The Center has a fundraising CD set, "Families Are a Rainbow," produced by local musicians. The 2-CD set costs $19.95, and is available at Small World Music. 100% of the purchase price goes to the Center. The compilation recording includes songs by The Horse Flies, Mamadou Diabate, Amy Glicklich, Annie and Amelia Burns, Mbusi, Tom Knight, Cornerstone, Vitamin L, Radio London, and others.

Stephen Burke
for Ithaca Blog


Bayberry Roost said...

Is there a place to buy this CD set to benefit the drop-in center on line?

I have teens now but used to use the drop in center when they were little and we lived there.

We live in Florida now.


Stephen Burke said...

Small World Music can ship orders. E-mail the store at, or phone 607/256-0428.

Thank you!