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Friday, June 15, 2007

Weekend Picks, June 15 & 16

Friday, 15 June: the Lonesome Sisters, a fine old-timey ensemble, at Felicia's Atomic Lounge, 508 W. State St. A happy hour show, at 5:30 pm. (They appear even earlier tomorrow at Felicia's, at 4 pm, with Chad Crumm. Chad and his band, the Chokers, have a new CD which, like the Lonesome Sisters', is available at Small World Music, one block from Felicia's.)

GrassRoots Festival favorites Big Leg Emma make an all-too-rare Ithaca appearance at Castaways, 10 pm.

Saturday, 16 June: Radio London played a nice set Thursday for Bill Myers' retirement party at Alternatives Credit Union. Tonight they bring their classic rock, with excellent vocals on hard-to-sing songs, to the Common Ground, 7 pm.

Baby Gramps is a street musician extraordinaire who mixes equal parts Blind Blake, Tuvan Throat Singers, and Popeye. He has worked with Johnny Depp, appeared on Letterman, and is a fixture in hipper quarters of NYC. He was featured this week in the New York Times in a piece on the Lower East Side. Tonight he performs at the Nines, at 10 pm.

Steve Burke
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