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Monday, December 03, 2012

Mysterious Baby Name Endings

When you write a blog, you keep an eye out for mysterious trends, and we noticed one this week. The most popular names for new babies was published, and the top five for girls all end in "a", and for boys in either "m" or "n".

For girls: Emma, Olivia, Sophia, Ava, and Isabella. (Names # 6 and 7 follow the trend: Mia and Ella.)For boys: Aiden, Ethan, Mason, Jackson, and Liam.

We didn't say the trends have to be meaningful. Just ponderous.

The soft "a" sound final syllable is now champ of the feminine. We bet marketers and branders notice. Is it bad news for car sales to men of the Kia and the Acura?

The "m" or "n" ending for boys' names strikes us as a little soft. (Even though we sport one.)Unfashionable now are the hard ending sounds of Robert, Christopher, Joseph, James, Edward, Charles.

Maybe softer is a good social trend. For instance, "Adolph" is a hard sound. What if he had been Aiden Hitler? Or Donny? It might have made a difference.

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