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Friday, October 26, 2012

Ithaca's First Oktoberfest

This is a lovely time of year around here, although Irish people are not too crazy about all the jolly Halloween activities. Irish people are afraid of Halloween, or at least respect it, as the time of year when the realms of the living and dead are closest, as in physically closest. Both our grandparents who were born in Ireland died on Halloween, two decades apart. That's pretty serious, so we stay at home this time of year. No parties. But we're happy there is a community fall celebration this year that has nothing to do with Halloween. It is the first Oktoberfest in Ithaca. It runs from noon til dusk on this Saturday on the Commons. There are tickets available for purchase for food and drink tastings, and music from three bands, although no oom-pah bands, unfortunately. Details are available at

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