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Sunday, July 01, 2012

Fireworks Return to Ithaca (on Monday 2 July)

After an absence last year, Independence Day fireworks return to Ithaca this year.

The problem last year was lack of venue, as Ithaca College decided not to host the event anymore. The year before, an errant missile set fire to a roof there. Maybe that's not the reason, but if it had been our roof, it would be a good reason.

This year, the show will be at Stewart Park, where there are few roofs.

It's the first time there, so there are bound to be problems, mostly around transportation and parking. They're saying it's okay to park in the nearby school parking lots, but we think spaces will prove pretty limited, and getting out will be a nuisance (at fireworks shows, unlike festivals, everyone leaves at the same time).

That same issue holds for the TCAT buses people will clamor for at the end. But they are free, and hopefully will be plentiful.

Biking is good, but you'll have to lock your bike to someone else's. That should work; they'll be unrideable, and too heavy to carry away (there will be no car trunks in the vicinity).

Our favorite question about the fireworks show is, What time does it start? Because you don't need to answer that question.

Steve Burke
for Ithaca NY Blog

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