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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Ethiopian Food In Ithaca

A surprise to us, when we moved to Ithaca from DC years ago, was the absence of Ethiopian restaurants.

In DC, they are common. What do you want tonight, Chinese, Thai, Ethiopian? Casual, inexpensive  places.

Now, it seems, the void has been filled, at least a little, with the presence of an Ethiopian food vendor at the Congo Square Market.

The Market is a neighborhood enterprise at the Southside Community Center on Plain Street, held every Friday.

The Market starts at 4 p.m. The Ethiopian food goes fast, we hear, so get there early. Then let us know how it is. We work Friday afternoon - evening. We might have to take a personal day soon.

Steve Burke
for Ithaca NY Blog


Jennifer said...

I have felt the same way - missing ethiopian food - ever since moving up here. I also miss Puerto Rican food a lot, too (I'm from NYC.) Went to the Congo Sq. Market the first weekend they were open this summer, as I heard BOTH of these cuisines would be around...

I tried the Ethiopian combo plate, and it was good. Not AMAZING - not as hot as I would have liked - But that's cause it was being served in a street fair environment. Anyway, plenty of good injera served with the plate, good siga wat, beef, and lentils were yummy. The red dish was potato & beet based - something I've never tried before - and it was the only thing on the plate that my friend and I didn't finish. (How can you finish a potato dish when eating all that injera? My stomach is only so big!)

It's not the most outstanding ethiopian you've ever had (especially if you're from DC!) but it will definitely be good enough to fulfill your cravings for berbere-based stews until your next trip back to our nation's capital....

Stephen Burke said...

Thanks, Jennifer. I have taken a Friday off from work, and I will visit the place today! - Steve