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Sunday, February 05, 2012

Coneheads Puzzler Revealed

So you can all enjoy the football contest tonight with a clear head, we will reveal the answer to the Coneheads crossword puzzler, previously posted.

The correct New York Times crossword puzzle answer for the clue, "The Coneheads, etc.", six letters, was "aliens."

My answer was "French." And I was sincere. 

The winner of our contest, for a $10 gift certificate to Angry Mom Records/Small World Music, is Chris M., of Lansing. Chris was randomly selected from a number of people who gave "aliens" as the correct answer, and guessed our incorrect answer was "sketch", which is a good guess at an incorrect answer, but not as funny as our actual one, is it?  We wouldn't have brought the whole thing up if it wasn't funny.

Enjoy the game!
Steve Burke
for Itahca NY Blog

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