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Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Something For Everyone At "Ithaca Free Barter Market"

Philosophically, at least, there could be something for everyone at the Ithaca Free Barter Market, a new enterprise that starts Sunday 11 December, at noon in Dewitt Park. 

The Market is trying to stimulate the local economy by providing a place for people to trade goods and services, without dollars, although use of Ithaca Hours, the local currency, is encouraged.

In fact, the Market is also trying to stimulate the use of the local currency by making a micro-loan of two Hours, worth  $20, to anyone who attends the event.

You might see a brand-new ukulele for sale for two Ithaca Hours. (In fact, you will, if you go early, as I am bringing one.) You use the two Ithaca Hours the Market is loaning you, and trade them for the uke.

Now you owe the Market two Hours. You can make them back by bringing something to trade, yourself, to the next event: that ironing board, tennis racquet, or solar shower. Or offer a service: bike repair, car service for someone autoless, help on moving day, etc.

Eventually, the Market plans to have a storefront. But they didn't want to wait for that to get started.

For more details, see the Ithaca Free Barter Market page on Facebook.

Steve Burke
for Ithaca NY Blog

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