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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween (2007) Revisited

Doing an enterprise like Ithaca Blog, there are always new things to write about, but there are also recurring things sometimes not to write about.

One is aware of Halloween each year, for example, but how much new is there to say about it?

We remembered writing here about Halloween a few years ago -  in 2007, as it turns out, upon search. "The Meaning of Halloween," we called it. And that's what it was, for us.

Hunter S. Thompson once said that writers are in trouble when they steal from themselves. He didn't say what it meant when they cite themselves. So we'll do that. If you want to see our take on Halloween, just search "Meaning of Halloween" in the "Title" bar above.

Astute scholars will also see, in that posting, the literary genesis of our other blog, Brooklyn 3 New York: stories of Brooklyn we intend for a book, which we have been writing for a while now. A simple search for "Brooklyn 3 New York" will show you those, to your reading delight, no doubt.

Steve Burke
Ithaca NY Blog
and Brooklyn 3 New York

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