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Monday, September 19, 2011

Wall Street As Tahrir Square

Thousands of protesters have mobilized on Wall Street in New York City, modeling themselves on the protesters in Tahrir Square in Cairo who brought on a peaceful revolution against Egypt's leadership earlier this year.

The protest is slightly under-reported in the mainstream media. One of New York's leading papers, the Post, called it a "fizzle,"  because the protest is only many times larger than typical Tea Party events, which the Post covers with zeal.

The NY Daily News does not mention the protest at all, or at least not prominently enough to notice on their on-line edition. The leading story in the News today is about two boys in central Europe who claim to be human magnets.

The Wall Street protesters have gathered there to protest crimes in the financial markets, which are rarely punished by jail time, or in fact by anything other than small fines which are easily made up in the next fiscal year of malfeasance. They are protesting a system in which the top 400 citizens have more money than over the half the population - over 140 million -  combined. They are protesting a poverty rate of 46 million people, and unemployment of 25 million.

The number of people protesting right now, live on Wall Street, is small. But so was the number in Tahrir Square, at first.

Stephen Burke
for Ithaca NY Blog

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