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Monday, May 09, 2011

Father Dan Berrigan Turns 90

Last week, when Pete Seeger turned 92, we asked here whether anyone has ever worked or fought harder for a good America.

Father Dan Berrigan, S.J., who turns 90 today, might make it a photo finish.

Dan was at Cornell in the 1960s, as head of Cornell United Religious Work, in Anabel Taylor Hall, when he acted on the belief that drafting American kids to attack people in Vietnam with obscene killing technology was sinful and criminal.

With his brother, Father Phil Berrigan, and others (including our friend, the late John Grady, Sr.), Dan destroyed draft files and infiltrated weapon plants.

Dan was forced to leave Cornell: not by Cornell, but the FBI. He went into hiding to avoid arrest, and continue his work.

Dan has worked for peace a long time. He has served time. He works to serve his religious convictions, which are based on non-violence and love.

He writes good poetry and is a funny guy. As we did  Pete Seeger, we wish Dan a happy birthday, with many happy returns.

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