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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Playlist For Jesus

Owning a music store (Angry Mom Records/Small World Music, LPs and CDs), we wonder how come there are so many compilations of Christmas songs, for J. Christ, but no Easter ones?

Mr. Christ, himself (Himself?) probably counted Easter as the greater day. It marked much more achievement than simply being born.

Our friend Bill Chaisson is a host of the Nonesuch show on WVBR radio, on Sundays. It is a show that goes for hours and generally has themes. Bill put out a message asking for suggestions for his Easter show, this Sunday.

Bill alluded to a geographic theme, about the Middle East, Christ's home in his brief earthly tenure.

We suggested to Bill a playlist about the guy himself, as rendered by many fine musicians. Our guess is that Bill will consider it a little too wacky. But we don't think so. We think our suggestions comprise a fine compilation, to rival any Xmas one. We'd love to see that happen. So we will pass it along to you, directly.

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