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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Four Cheers/Stars For Maxie's

We just got in from dinner at Maxie's, and had a great meal and great time there, and realize we probably don't express our esteem for the place as much as we should.

The food is always great. We know some people think it is expensive there, and it's true that you can spend nice money there, if you want. But you can also not, and it doesn't affect their hospitality.

We enjoyed the music, which (expensive?) Maxie's presents free, twice a week. It was a delightful scene, with happy people.

The service was impeccable, as always. It didn't matter that the total tab for two people (ordering light: a sandwich; sides; no alcohol) was less than $25. I mean, it didn't matter to them. Somehow the place has created a culture, not to be too high-faluting about it, of consistent friendliness, not to mention coolness, among the staff.

About the money. You can get a po' boy sandwich of first rank there, maybe 6 or 7 varieties, for $8.95 or $9.95, loaded down with fries. No food service fare here - everything fresh. This is not much more money than the State Diner, for goodness sake.

Whenever we have visitors, we take them to Maxie's. When they ask what's good, we say everything - order anything. And it is. When we leave, our guests invariably ask, do you know the staff? Everyone treated us so great. We say some of them, sort of; not all of them; that's just how they are.

So do yourself a favor - and do restaurant culture a favor, too - and go enjoy Maxie's, a really fine place, and boon to this town.

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Chick Evans said...

Steve, your comments touched me deeply.

I particularly appreciate your recognition of Maxie's culture. Maxie's culture is all about a focus on relationships. It is fulfilling to be a part of Maxie's caring team committed to the enjoyment of our guests.

It is Maxie's honor and privilege to serve you and our entire community.

Thank you.