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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Cuomo Wants It Both Ways, Three Ways

Andrew Cuomo, the Democratic candidate for New York governor, came to Ithaca last week and proved a politician, but no leader.

At least two hundred people turned out for his appearance, on a weekday morning. The main issue was the proposed drilling for gas with toxic chemicals, called fracking, in our area by corporations such as Halliburton.

Cuomo tries to have it both ways on the issue. He does not oppose fracking. Unless, he says, it is unsafe. But he does not say what he thinks about safety issues, nor what he would do to ensure safety.

Mr. Cuomo met some boistrous criticism here in activist Ithaca. On the issue of activism, he also tries to have it both ways. He lauded his critics. Activism is "so important," he said. But not important enough to let anyone speak at his meeting - not even to ask a question.

That is the third way Mr. Cuomo tries to have it both ways. He styles himself an anti-politician, while his tactics are those of the ultimate hack.

Stephen Burke
for Ithaca NY Blog

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